Why the degrassie next class is so good for us

It’s not often you find a show like Degrassi Next with a female star, but Degrassie’s next generation star Taya, who is now 27, has definitely proven she’s got the chops to play the game.

In fact, she’s the first female star to have played the role for seven seasons on the hit show.

Taya plays the part of a girl named Michelle and she’s one of only two female stars to have done so.

In addition to being a part of the show’s iconic ensemble of Michelle, Taya has also become a popular Instagram celebrity and she recently released her first single, “I’m Taya.”

The song has already been downloaded over 25 million times and garnered more than two million likes.

Tanya’s first solo album, Degrassia: The Next Generation, is scheduled for release on February 19.

Check out Taya’s new music video for her new song “I Can’t Live Without You.”

Degrassies next class of Michelle was a big hit for Taya on the show when she first auditioned.

She was chosen as the next class by producer Dan Riggs.

After Taya had a great audition and was named Michelle, she also made a splash on social media.

The actress got tons of fans on Twitter and Instagram.

Toya was featured in the video for the song “Can’t Live without You.”

“Can you hear me now?

I can’t live without you.

I can barely live without my hair,” Michelle says in the clip.

“Can I live without the stars on my shoulders?

You know, the ones who wear the dresses and the hair?”

Taya also has a few fans in Hollywood.

She’s currently starring in the movie The Wedding Singer.

The movie tells the story of a couple’s wedding, and the actors are all very happy with their marriage.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but we’re all pretty happy together,” Michelle said in the trailer.

“So we’re gonna do our best to do this together and we’re so happy together.”

Degrads next class was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Degrassias newest cast member, Tila Tequila, will be playing Michelle on the series.

“It’s like a big reunion, like we’re like sisters,” Tequila said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“We’re really proud of each other.”

Taya says Michelle is one of the most fun characters she’s ever played on the Degrassiel.

“Michelle is one I’ve really grown to like,” Taya said in a statement to The Hollywood Press.

“She’s a sweet, sweet, funny girl and I can see her doing great things with her career.

She can be a good mom and I think she has a lot of potential.”

The next Degrassiam Next class is slated for release in February 2019.

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