When do the Clintons really get it right?

The past three decades have been defined by scandals, scandal and controversy.

But what about the Clintons’ penchant for blunders?

Here’s a look back at some of the biggest blunders.

The Clintons have gone through plenty of blunders in their political careers.

Bill Clinton has gone through more than 200 impeachments in his life.

In fact, there have been more impeachment hearings than any other president.

Hillary Clinton was indicted in 1998 for obstruction of justice.

She was cleared of all charges by a special prosecutor, who ruled she had committed no crime and that her actions were “inappropriate” in the context of the impeachment process.

In addition, her husband has had to deal with multiple scandals in his personal life, including allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault, which he has denied.

But he hasn’t let up since then, either.

Bill was impeached for obstruction in 1999 and resigned his post as president in 2001.

He has also been charged with perjury in 2016, which is a felony, and obstruction of Congress in 2018, which was a misdemeanor.

He was acquitted in that case, but his lawyers said he had lied under oath.

Trump, too, has had a couple of controversies.

He’s been accused of sexually harassing several women.

And on March 5, 2018, he was charged with obstructing justice after it was revealed that he had not disclosed that he’d signed a non-disclosure agreement.

The agreement allowed him to keep his assets while the investigation was ongoing.

He is now serving a six-month jail sentence.

The first two scandals were not so much the Clintons as the way they handled them.

The first was when Hillary Clinton was accused of using a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

She quickly apologized for the mistakes but never explained why she used a private server at all.

She eventually said she used it for work purposes and that she did not have a private address.

Then there was Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

That scandal led to allegations that he was a serial philanderer.

He denied the allegations but settled with Lewinsky for $850,000.

The second scandal was the Monica Lewinski affair, in which Monica Lewinksy claimed she was raped by Bill Clinton.

It was not a consensual sex act.

He denies the allegations, but the Lewinsky scandal has left him battered and broken emotionally.

Bill Clinton was impeachbed for perjury in 1998.

He resigned as president of the United States in 2001 and has served time in prison.

He has also faced charges of sexual harassment.

In 1991, he testified before a grand jury that he did not remember having a sexual relationship with a White House intern named Jill Harth.

Later that year, he told reporters he was innocent.

He also denied he ever sexually harassed an intern, saying he did it only with “friends.”

The Monica Lewins are not the only women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

Paula Jones accused him of sexual misconduct in 1993.

In 1999, he pleaded guilty to obstruction of congressional proceedings.

He’s also faced accusations of domestic abuse.

In 2015, Paula Jones sued him for sexual harassment and other claims that he abused her, including slapping her and grabbing her breasts.

The Monica-Lewinsky story is just one example of a number of accusations that the Clintons have faced over the years.

Bill’s sexual harassment scandal led him to resign his post in 1999.

He spent six months in jail.

In 2017, he resigned from his post after a series of sexual-misconduct allegations.

The impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton in 2017.

The investigation into Bill Clinton sexual misconduct is currently being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to lead the investigation after President Trump fired special counsel Robert Mueller.

In the years since the Monica-Lopez affair, Clinton has been accused more of sexual impropriety than other presidents.

He settled his accusers for $500,000 in 1998 and again in 2018.

The Clinton Foundation paid for two of his accuser’s legal fees in 2015, but he later said he was paid by an outside lawyer for the foundation.

The Clintons have been accused by multiple women of sexual abuse and assault.

Hillary’s impeachment trial in 1998 resulted in a hung jury and her impeachment was cleared by a jury in 2001, but she was never charged in the case.

Bill and Hillary have faced several scandals, including accusations of sexual violence and abuse.

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