When ‘the class was at its best’: A history of the American Studies major

Students and alumni say they miss a “strong, intellectually demanding” program that’s often a “safe space” for students.

The American Studies department is often seen as a safe space for students who want to learn more about the United States.

But it’s also one of the few programs that provides a “critical mass” of humanities majors, the students say, as they work toward degrees in their field.

The history department at Southern Illinois University has had a tough time keeping up with the number of humanities students and the demand for them, but it’s made some changes to its program to help meet the demands.

“We’re always thinking of ways to expand the breadth of our curriculum,” said Lenny Ritter, dean of the history department.

“That’s the one thing that we’re not going to be able to do on our own.

We’re going to have to rely on external partners and the humanities departments to help us expand the curriculum.””

When we say, ‘the history department is at its most productive when it’s at its strongest,’ we’re really referring to the breadth and depth of our history department,” Ritter said.

“And that’s going to require some very high standards for how the university defines excellence.”

The department’s new policy allows students to choose whether to major in a different field or pursue a full-time job in their chosen field.

It allows students who have earned their bachelor’s degree or advanced degree in the field to choose to major out of their specialization, and it allows students with a bachelor’s or higher degree in a field they don’t plan on pursuing to choose a part-time, academic position in that field.

While there is no set definition for the term “critical masses,” there are various criteria for what those are, including:”We think we can get there,” said Ritter.

“We’ve got some really good programs that are going to keep our students focused.

We know there’s going be some attrition.”

The school also has new partnerships with local colleges and universities, including the University of Illinois, the University at Albany and Northwestern University.

“When I went to Northwestern, it was like, ‘Wow, there’s an entire department devoted to the history of our country,'” said Elizabeth Fischman, a graduate student and a member of the faculty at Northwestern University’s history department, who recently earned her B.A. in history.

“I think that’s the kind of education we need in this country.”

The new policy was part of a broader overhaul at Southern Indiana University, the school’s first major to include a new emphasis on the humanities.

In its first year, the college added an English major, the history and international relations major and the literature and culture major.

It also added a science major, as well as a master’s in philosophy.

“This is a big step forward for the university and the department,” said Steve Johnson, the dean of students.

“The department is working hard to make sure we can provide our students with an education that’s relevant and engaging.

It’s a great opportunity for the students to have their voices heard.”

In the humanities, there is a sense that the school has done too little, said David Fuchs, a former graduate student at Southern Indianapolis who now serves as a director of the Center for American Studies at Indiana University.

The university has not released any details about how it plans to spend the money it raises from its new scholarship fund, but Johnson said he believes that the university will use the money to invest in humanities programs that students can afford.

“I think we’re going back to a more robust, robust university that’s in a strong position,” he said.

“It’s not just the department that’s changing, but also the university as a whole.”

The university also announced that it will be investing $1 million toward a new humanities department that includes students who plan to major a more traditional discipline.

The new department, which is being created in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences, is scheduled to be open by the end of next year.

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