How to make the most of your business card (and why it’s essential)

Business Insider readers have been asking for this card since 2013, and the new edition is no different. 

Here’s how to get it right and get your business cards getting a lot of use.


You should be using it for the right reasons. 

If you’re doing a small business or an event, you’ll want to make sure your business can benefit from the card. 

The card should help you stand out from the crowd. 

For example, the card might show you’re a member of a social network or the latest trend. 

“The card could also be used as a cover or promotional offer to get in front of your potential customers,” Business Insider said. 

This is especially important if you’re looking to market a product or service. 

A business card that shows you’ve achieved a lot in the past, or a business you’re trying to build. 


Your business card should be easy to remember. 

When you need to access your account, tap the card and hit “Account.” 

This will bring up your account info, and you’ll see an easy-to-understand barcode. 


Don’t forget your phone number. 

It’s a great way to show you’ve been following a certain social media network. 

Plus, the barcode on your card is often displayed in a pop-up window, so you can easily find it without opening your phone. 


Make sure your card includes your email address. 

Business Insider readers love to use a social networking card to show they’ve been in touch with their friends. 

They’ll often send a photo or a short message. 

But sometimes they’ll send a business card instead, which should include their email address, too. 


Keep your cards secure. 

Remember that you’re going to use your card to access various social media networks. 

So make sure it’s secure and that it’s visible at all times. 


And don’t forget to keep track of your receipts. 

Many people are afraid of wasting their business cards. 

To help prevent this, Business Insider recommends you check your receipts every three months. 

That way you can keep track on what you’ve spent and where it’s gone. 


What you can expect from your card: Business cards are perfect for small businesses, but they can also work for larger companies. 

As the name suggests, a business cards will show up on the top of your phone or desktop computer, with your business logo and a business name. 

While the card will only be used to show your name, you can share your name with other people or with the world. 


Have a few ideas for how to make your business look more like yours? 

There are plenty of ways to make business cards that are unique and attractive. 

Here are some ideas you can try: Add an image to the back of the card to make it more attractive.

For example: “Welcome to Business Insider, where our writers offer a wide variety of articles on topics that can help you, your business, and your customers succeed.” 

Create a website that includes a “business card” image that can stand out. 

Add a logo and name to the bottom of the page to make you stand apart from your competitors. 

Sign up for newsletters to keep up to date with news, information, and deals on the latest technology and services. 

Create an Instagram account with your card and tag a picture of yourself in your photo caption. 

Use the photo of yourself as the business card.

For example, “Today, I’m happy to welcome you to Business Insiders.” 

Keep an email list for customers who visit your site regularly. 

Start with a few subscribers and increase to more. 

Include a picture on your business page that shows the business you belong to. 

How to Make a Business Card 9. 

Give your business a little personality. 

Most people think of a business as a collection of cards.

But a business account is also a way to communicate. 

Check out the card below, and see how it works. 


Are you looking for more business advice? 

We love hearing from readers. 

Take a look at the Business Insider Business Card FAQ to get more details on how to create a card, and how to tell the difference between a business and a social media account. 

Interested in more tips on business cards? 

Check these out: How do you make a business?

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