The Best of 2016 – Elite FFXIV Class 1A – Sergeant First Class (1A)

Updated December 30, 2016 8:07:36 The Elite FET series is one of the most sought after titles in the MMO genre.

It’s a class in which players can equip a multitude of weapons and armor sets, with each set featuring an alternate style of armor that can be equipped as a secondary outfit.

The class has been around for over ten years, and while its popularity has waned in recent years, it’s still a hugely popular class.

While there have been many different variations of the class in the game, it was only a matter of time until a sequel came out.

We got to see the class debut in the FFXIII Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, but we also got a glimpse of the next incarnation of the classes back in the 2014 FFXV Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Today, we take a look at the next installment in the Elite FFT series, the next class to be introduced in FFXVII: Advent Days.

While the Elite series has always been a popular series, with some titles going on over 10 years, FFT: Advent Dawn proved that the series can still have a huge fan base.

While the original FFT was originally released in 2005, it went on to make its debut in 2007 with the release of FFT Online.

Advent Dawn is now the last entry in the series, and the sequel is set to come out in 2017.

The Class 1 A class is one that players can choose from, with its base armor set being the Light Armor set.

The Light Armor sets are the standard light armor set for a Light Knight, and they have three tiers of armor, as well as a Light armor piece called the Light Saber.

The second tier of armor is the Light Bow, and it is equipped with a Light Bow and Light Bow Ring.

The third tier of Armor is the Heavy Armor set, and is equipped only with Heavy Armor Armor and Heavy Bow.

The Heavy Armor sets have two pieces, the Light Sword and Heavy Sword Ring, and these are the two pieces that are worn by the Light Knight and Heavy Knight Ring respectively.

While these are pretty basic light armor pieces, they still offer enough protection that players are able to fight in light armor as well.

While there are many ways to acquire these Light Armor pieces, players can get them as drops from bosses in the world, in certain areas, or by completing certain quests.

The most common way to get them is to level up with the Light Warrior and Light Warrior Ring quests.

These quests allow players to unlock Light Armor from the Light Fighter quest, and then, once the Light Paladin quest is completed, they will be able to equip a Light Armor piece and take on a new light armor class.

The quests also allow players, if they’ve leveled up to level 100, to receive an additional class slot that will give them access to the class.

For the Light Mage, this means players can take the Mage class, which is essentially a Light Mage Ring equipped with two pieces.

The Mage Ring can be used to grant bonuses to the Mage’s attack and defense, as it will grant a percentage increase to the damage of certain attacks.

It also provides a bonus to the defense, making it an extremely useful item for players that like to use a lot of defensive spells.

For players who don’t have a lot to do with the world or don’t want to level all their skills to 100, or who don’ t have a high enough level to obtain the Mage Ring, there are other ways to earn Light Armor.

These Light Armor items can be found in the questline, and there are also Light Armor shards that can only be obtained by completing the quest.

These shards can be exchanged for one of three items, and can be purchased from vendors in the towns.

These items are used to upgrade the Light Archer class, and are also dropped by bosses in certain parts of the world.

Players who want to go beyond the Light armor, and further customize their class can use the Light Weapon and Light Armor Set quests.

Each class can have one set of Light Armor, and this class can upgrade its Light Armor to match that of the other classes.

The level of each class can also be upgraded, and a Light Weapon will be given to players who have completed the quest to obtain an upgraded Light Armor item.

For Light Archer, the level will be increased by one, and an upgraded version of the Light Arrow will be added to the Light Attacker class.

Light Mage also has a set of armor sets that they can upgrade to match the other Mage classes, and that’s what the Light Shield is for.

The Light Archer set will be a class that is similar to the ones in FFT.

It has three tiers, with the lowest tier being Light Shield and the next two being Light Bow.

However, it will be the highest tier of Light

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