Crypto-coin price hits new all-time high as bitcoin surges towards $11,000

Crypto-currencies like bitcoin have been gaining popularity, especially as more people have started to embrace them for their value.

This week the price of a bitcoin was hovering around $11K, with the price recently climbing above $11.4K.

However, it seems the value of bitcoin is now going to be inversely proportional to the price in the future, according to a recent analysis by Bloomberg.

While this may seem like a minor point, the cryptocurrency is in fact a major factor in the market, as the value in the coin will decrease by a similar amount in the near future. 

In the chart above, the green line represents the current price of bitcoin, while the orange line represents how much it will decrease in the next year.

It’s not that the current bitcoin price is higher than the value it’s going to drop in the years ahead, but the value is inversely related to the time it takes for bitcoin to become less valuable.

For example, a dollar will decrease value by approximately 50% over the next decade, but a dollar worth of bitcoin will only decrease in value by about 20%.

This means the current value of the bitcoin is directly related to its price.

This means that if bitcoin becomes a negative symbol in the markets for a year, it’s likely that bitcoin’s value will also decrease. 

While this may sound like a simple concept, it is actually the case with many cryptocurrencies.

A bitcoin will lose value in a year if the price is $1,000 or higher, but if the value stays the same it will only increase in value. 

According to the chart, it would take about one year for the value to reach $11M, which means that the next bitcoin price would have to be at least $12,000, and probably $15,000 to reach this price.

As it stands right now, the price at this point in time is about 1.3 times higher than its current value, which is a significant decrease from its all- time high of $10,000. 

This could mean that bitcoin could be a viable investment in the long run, and it’s possible that investors are willing to pay a premium for this potential.

However this is not the only reason why investors are interested in cryptocurrencies. 

For instance, bitcoin has also attracted more and more investors to invest in it.

The currency is gaining in popularity and is currently trading for more than $2,000 per coin, and according to CoinMarketCap, there are about 11 million bitcoin in circulation at the time of writing.

If bitcoin continues to increase in popularity, it will probably be possible to buy a bitcoin at a discount price in a short period of time.

This is the kind of bullish trend that could lead to higher bitcoin prices in the coming years. 

As the chart below shows, investors have been willing to take a big gamble on the cryptocurrency, and the number of investors investing in bitcoin is increasing every day. 

If bitcoin continues on this trajectory, it may be possible for the price to reach a value close to $15K in a matter of years.

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