What is puppy training? | How to find and train a dog | How puppy training courses work

I have been learning how to train a puppy. 

It is a lot easier than you might think, it is not complicated at all. 

In this post I will show you how to teach a puppy to play, sit and follow commands, and how to do so with a small dog. 

You will also learn how to get the puppy to follow the commands, which is something that is very important. 

So how do I teach a dog to sit? 

I have two dogs that sit at the same time. 

One is a Golden Retriever. 

The other is a small Yorkshire Terrier. 

They both sit at my place and I like to teach them to sit together. 

I think that they like the sound of me telling them to come at me, so I keep my fingers on their ears and they like it too. 

Here are some pictures of the puppies at work, both in their homes. 

Both dogs sit quietly in their own homes.

I have had a few owners come over and tell me that they had had success with their dog with sitting together. 

  I like to keep the puppies busy by using a toy to stimulate their attention. 

To keep them distracted, I also have a pen that they sit on the floor in front of them and I give them treats. 

When I am teaching them to play together, I have the toy in my hand and the pen in front. 

As you can see, the toy works very well. 

How to train your puppy to sit by using toys and pen I will show the puppies in the photos above. 

My puppy, Jake, has been learning to sit with the toys in his hand and pen in his lap. 

He is sitting down and is just staring at the toys, and he doesn’t want to go anywhere near them. 

On his second try, he sits down again. 

After two days, Jake is now sitting and staring at both toys and pens. 

If I start him sitting and moving around, he will learn to sit at a regular pace, but the second time, I need to start with him sitting at a constant pace, and then slowly add more toys and/or pens. 

   This is the first photo that shows Jake sitting with the toy. 

This is how he looks when I am sitting and working on him. 

A day later, he is sitting and looking at the toy again, and when I bring him out of his nap, he goes back to staring at it. 

Jake is doing this all the time now. 

What can I teach him to sit on? 

In the video below, you can hear Jake try to sit in the pen. 

Unfortunately, he cannot. 

Even if he tried, he would not sit properly. 

Because he cannot sit properly, he won’t do it in the picture. 

We need to make sure that we are getting the right stimulation and the correct amount of stimulation for him. 

  I have a toy that I keep in my lap that I can give to Jake to stimulate his attention. 

  I think this is the perfect toy for Jake. 

 When he gets excited and tries to get up, I give him the pen and toys and then he can go to work. 

Now, he has to work, but he is happy with his progress. 

And that is all that we need to get him to stay in his pen and sit. 

Let’s do this together.

This is a picture of a puppy that sits in a chair, which I like. 

At this stage, the puppy is sitting with a toy and pen on the table. 

His attention is focused on the toy, so it does not matter what happens next. 

Again, Jake looks at the pen, and I say, Jake sit here. 

Jake sits. 

The puppy sits.

Now, Jake goes to work again. 

  Now, Jake sits again. 

    This time, he looks at both the toy and the toy pen and says, Jake come sit here, come sit in this.  He does. 

    I then give him more toys. 

For the first time, Jake wants to sit. 

      This picture shows Jake trying to sit, which he cannot do. 

     I say, Sit here. 

   Now he sits again, with both toys in front and the toys on the tables. 

That is the second attempt. 

   Now Jake sits, and again, I say Sit here, Sit. 

             Jake sits. 

    He finally sits, but it is only after I have told him to keep his eyes open. 

“I can see you sitting here,” I say. 

(I use my left hand and right hand to help guide him.) 

  Jake looks at me with both eyes open, and says Sit here

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