Canada to lift ban on teaching children to kill with firearms

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When it comes to fighting, you have to be fast and strong: Fight on the internet

The fight-or-flight impulse has driven much of our culture since the beginning of our species.In our modern age, it’s a very primal response to threats to our survival.It’s why, even as we become more interconnected and globalised, the instinct to avoid the world seems to remain.We’re often quick to take our cues from our friends […]

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Which college courses to study online?

Online classes have become increasingly popular, especially among those with online learning plans.But which online courses to take?Here are our top picks for the best online courses for the whole family.We have also rounded up some of our favourite online parenting lessons, classes and classes online for your online learning needs.Read more

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When ‘the class was at its best’: A history of the American Studies major

Students and alumni say they miss a “strong, intellectually demanding” program that’s often a “safe space” for students.The American Studies department is often seen as a safe space for students who want to learn more about the United States.But it’s also one of the few programs that provides a “critical mass” of humanities majors, the […]

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Google’s stock is soaring after it reports first quarter earnings: report

Google Inc. reported its first-quarter earnings Thursday after spending a day on the market.The stock surged 1.4% to $26.20.It beat analysts’ expectations for a profit of $3.75 billion and said it will keep making new investments as the company expands its business.Google said it has invested $100 billion in artificial intelligence research, robotics and other […]

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